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Ceramic cups
ceramic dinnerware
A B O U T  U S

About us 

Lagavi is a global digital source that connects home decor brands and creators with their buyers; empowering a seamless, intelligent and reliable channel to authentic and affordable design solutions. Rooted in India, the brand was started with the idea of bringing together creators of home-styling products, design-led and quality-obsessed artists, designers and devoted craftsmen from across countries, as a strong dependable community and connect them directly to the people at large with just a simple click.
Each handpicked home decor object tells a story, through its distinct geography, process, of mixed cultures and a strong emotion that connects us all. With a healthy and transparent ecosystem, we celebrate the people and the design outcome.
We believe our living spaces are a reflection of us and everything we love/feel attached to. Lagavi, true of its meaning, is born of attachment. The name is derived from two words, ‘Lagav’ a hindi (Indian) word for ‘attachment’ and ‘i’ which stands for interconnections.
“The inherent meaning of Lagav is exactly what Lagavi means to us; through attachment & human interconnectedness”
F O U N D E R S 
Raunak & Akshita 
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