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From the Pottery Wheel to the Dining Table

Pottery is regarded as one of the oldest human inventions which exists at the tangent of utility and art. The first creations date back to 29,000–25,000 BC, and what began as a means to store food and water in various parts of the world, has now become a representative of a globally inherited craft in homes that celebrate meals. At Lagavi, we focus on preserving this art form and making it accessible for those who wish to experience authentic, enriching pottery. The exquisite, ethically produced Lagavi cutlery that dons your dining table has a tale to tell. Skillful artisans craft each product with an intricate mindfulness that adds a layer of detail to the delicacies they serve.

Each piece, made with love, is unique and beats a different rhythm than the monotonous drum of mass production. The source of the magic begins within the veins of the potter. Once the clay makes the wheel it's home, the potter begins the process of sculpting the piece of clay in the desired shape. The clay thrown on the wheel is molded into the basic structure of the end product- a template of what the potter will create.

The clay products in their nascent stage are then kept to dry to make the firing process smoother. Then, into the Kiln! The brick furnace is to the clay as the wood-fire oven is to the pizza: the womb of creations. Then comes the topping, the glaze. The glaze brings the process to a lustrous close: giving the finishing (matte, semi-matte, satin-matte, and the list goes on) and the color. Once the products have cooled down, the artists delve into the creative freedom of adding their own touches through ornamentation and decoration.

Minimalism and maximalism exist on a continuum, and the artist decides their place in this mystical world. From delicate floral watercolor-like techniques to flamboyant color blocking, the server on your table is the brainchild of an artist. What began as a simple amalgam of soil and water is a craft that dominates homes world-over now. The earthen pots on our dining tables are a homage to the art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Studio potters’ creations are the vessels through which the essence of handmade is taken from the pottery wheel to the dining tables. Ceramics exist at the crux of aesthetics, functionality, and tradition and elevate the diner’s experience.

At Lagavi, we believe in connecting you with the product and the journey behind it. Each potter’s creation undergoes a journey before it reaches your home, and we bring you closer to one such experience every time you choose us. Lagavi’s repository is the place to ensure that the finest details of your dining table fit your style and reflect an ethos that you trail within.

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