Amping up a space requires a holistic approach. While the more prominent elements, like furniture, are the most obvious choices when considering a revamp, it's the minor details that can surprise us. Ceramics are the epitome of convention and contemporary into one. As they move more swiftly in the world of interior design, they become more versatile and accessible. What better than ceramics for homeowners looking for unique and smaller home additions that can offer them an amazing array of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes? The curation team at Lagavi shares some of their favorite ceramic inclusions for a refreshed home.


Table Turners


Source - Charlotte talbot


We all love our moments of solace, and the same goes for interiors! The clarity we wish to look forward to in our lives is a massive yes for our homes. Clay, a simple medium, adds elegance to any space while being functional. Vases, bowls, and dinnerware are often the most underrated yet practical objects for home decoration. They can amplify not just our décor but also our moods. Minimalistic yet statement-worthy tableware allows the material to take the limelight and embrace the unique connection of form, texture, and color through it. With her minimal and soothing dinnerware, Charlotte Talbot plays with the idea of simplicity and embraces it within a homely setting.


Non-functional head turners



Source - Pinterest 

Ceramic objects are a complementary piece to your home. They garner an eye-catching charisma that is sure to uplift your space. Nooks and corners adorned with non-functional, stand-alone artifacts that reflect your style are great for turning heads and turning up the volume of your space. They have been used as a representative of meaning in interior design. Sculptures have a story to tell, and there is one for each of us. This piece is speaking simply vogue to us.




Source - Pinterest 

Sharp lines and shapes define today’s day and age. Design, too, has become an avid follower of it. Pottery helps break the rigidity and bring flow to the river of modern interior design. Enticing shapes, curvatures, and line work add relief from monotony and look even better with some flowers and shrubs to go with them. Vases are a great way to capture that movement in any part of your home. There is a variety to choose from, whether you are into illusions or off-beat colors and shapes. These from Ramona Sommer's Art Design characterize movement and are sure to catch the eye.

Clay that lights up, what is there not to love? It is a combination we have known about for centuries. Lamps bejewel the room, and table lamps are an important layer in that jewelry stack. They are a quick source of illumination and an easier and more detailed aspect that can be elevated without changing much in a room.

Ceramics are one of the most accessible, durable, and practical ways to bring new life to any space. They continue to grow, evolve, and inspire, providing numerous possibilities for the artist and patron. There is something for everyone in the world of clay, and we urge you to explore it!
April 10, 2023