The news is in, Pantone’s color of the year is out, and everyone’s gearing up to make 2023 their year! We are here to help you with the perfect pottery additions to level up (and ground) your lifestyle. At Lagavi, we explore the world of creation to bring forth artisanal products that help unite one and all. As we adopt these trends into our lifestyle, we associate ourselves with all who love the current era of art. Harmony is indeed the thread that ties us all, so why not take it up a notch with Lagavi?


A Nostalgic Ride


Source - Pinterest 

We have grown to love our comfort, paired with the occasional adventurous stroll outside. Pieces that remind you of the times that are gone are in. The perfect comeback is through what you use daily. Be ready to see more floral, botanical and vintage prints as they are ready to twirl around your cutlery once again, as always, in a fresh and fun way. Avant-garde or not, these pieces are definitely a stand-out. We urge you to brew a good cup of coffee in delightful ceramics and sit by the window to reminisce and rejuvenate!


Tipsy, Topsy, Curvy!


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You have probably seen them on Instagram and Pinterest, but this is the era of uncrackable pieces that go against the flow with their eccentric structures. As we pick out the perfect mug for our morning coffee, the handmade drinkware with curves that fit better than a glove is the statement piece of the table. Lagavi explores the world in and out to bring art that’s simply suave. These pieces add just the right amount of texture to a monochromatic world.


Asymmetry is in the game



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Who says asymmetry is only for the fashion world? Asymmetrical art pieces are the epitome of innovation in a world that seeks constancy. Perfect for the rule breakers, asymmetrical pieces are a daring addition to home decor. A bold yet chic representation of novelty is the go-to as we journey into the world to leave our stamp with pride. Quirkiness paired with elegance scream indulgence in asymmetry, and we urge you to explore and pick a piece that represents you the best.


Attention to the details, please!



Source - Artesano

As fine lines brush the edges of the decor piece, art comes to life through detailed and refined motifs on your ceramics. They add the right dimension to your interiors and help elevate the piece with skilled artisanry. Stencilled designs, sgraffito designs (designs which have layers of colours revealed via scratching) and marbled designs are here to navigate traditional and contemporary designs, while mini hand-drawn designs are sure to warm your heart (and beverage!). Lagavi’s the place to spot precise carved designs, graphic art and floral motifs too! The pieces emulate the artist’s essence and act as a vessel of their creativity. Whether it’s taking inspiration from nature or from established schools of art, an artist pours in their knowledge to create a product whose simplicity and complexity, in tandem, lie in the details.


The world of hues



Source - Benna Co

Viva Magenta, a crimson red combined with Wild Wonder, a lush warm neutral colour, is the perfect amount of spice and nice. Well, colours are in to dominate! Mix and match your home decor scene as Lagavi provides the finest glazed ceramic pieces in all hues. The traditional terracotta red too is predicted to take a refined style and is going to make a few heads turn. So, which colour do you choose?

Pottery has created waves for aeons, and the end is nowhere near. Every artist is different, and a reflection of it comes through their creation. Lagavi helps you to cherish the essence of the artist and the art. Come with us and jump into the world of pottery to pick pieces that would complement your style!


April 06, 2023