An ode to sunshine and seashores, we are setting the table for joyous summertime gatherings, with our favorite summer memories. What does summer remind you of? We had a heartfelt conversation with Akshita Mohnot (co-founder, Lagavi) to curate a fresh summer edit, bringing the emotions of summer nostalgia to the table!

She fondly remembers her summer days, the seasonal meals she loves hosting at home, and the gatherings she was invited to attend. A respite from the dazzling outdoors, summer brunches, and dinners were always an oasis of peace and socializing for her.

“This time of summer is full of nostalgia. I remember my never-ending love for mango shakes, orange popsicles, and hearing the chiming bells of the Kulfi cart!”, Akshita reminisces.


Our summer tablescape and freshly curated edit are a tribute to the season, inspired by childhood memories and emotions.

The cool shade of a lemon tree in her backyard dominates the memory of Akshita’s summer holidays. Coming home to mum preparing a chilled glass of cool lemonade, juicy cut-up mangoes, and homemade orange popsicles, always warmed her heart. 

Summer holidays are something that echoes joyous memories for everyone. From playing with cousins to cooling splashes of water, she recollects playing in her garden with her friends, starting up the water hose, and coming home drenched, with a smile. Summer breaks are something we can all relate to. And how can we not remember the holiday homework (which was never finished on time)?

“Curated from my summer memories, this edit is very special to my heart. The table is set like a visual mood board of the season. A lot of it reminds me of my ancestral home and the lemon tree. The orange and green shades remind me of the happiness of mango season, savoring fruit salads, ice creams, and homemade sherbets.” Akshita cheerfully adds.


With the Jasmines blooming, cuckoo singing, and the sweet fragrance of mangoes in the air, this is the time when nature yawns and smiles in flowers, fruits, and butterflies. There is a familiarity about summers that tugs at our heartstrings. And as we sit to indulge in a rejuvenating summer feast, we are laying the table with nostalgia.

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air" — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leisure, refreshments, and sunshine, it’s Summertime! Summers find us wandering through memory lane, soaking in the warmth, and the comfort of lazy twilights.


Including fresh and vibrant wares against a muted calming backdrop, our summer table celebrates the season, happy gatherings, and refreshing flavors. Are you ready to host leisurely brunches and dinners?

With an inviting aura, fresh ingredients, and relaxed elements, our palate reflects the serene White and Blue of clear summer skies and seaside, while the Yellow and Green express the freshness and abundance of the season with fuller trees laden with fruits and flourishing gardens.


Summer nostalgia goes beyond culture and geography, to bring people together with a common emotion. A sentiment that takes us back home, reliving the summertime joy of our childhood, and making us want to relax while savoring the best times with our loved ones. 

What does this season feel like to you? How about bringing that to the table for the next summer feast you host? Take this as the cue and plan a hearty sun-lit meal amidst fresh blooms. It’s time to lounge and laze with loved ones, serenading the past to create beautiful new summer memories!

Host & feast away with our fresh SUMMER EDIT!

June 03, 2024