The act of giving gifts is a timeless tradition that has spread happiness and togetherness throughout history. It's like a warm thread weaving through time, connecting hearts and bringing smiles along the way. It's a heartfelt means of expressing our affection, appreciation, and gratitude to the special people in our lives. But we live in a world where texts can replace talks and taps can replace hugs, but giving a gift is like giving a piece of your heart. It's a reminder that connections matter, and that you matter. So, next time you're wrapping up a gift, remember, you're not just wrapping things; you're wrapping your true essence and intentions, your feelings, memories, and a whole lot of love.



 Curated Gift Hamper by Lagavi

 And, oh, the process of finding the perfect gift? It's like chasing fireflies of emotions. You close your eyes and picture their face lighting up, and suddenly, you're grinning too. It's like capturing a snapshot of happiness in your heart. Picking gifts is like painting who we are on each one. Our unique personality, values, and creativity come together like gentle brushstrokes, turning each gift into a canvas of heartfelt expression.


Gifting with Lagavi


Timeless Gifting

At Lagavi, we hold the heartfelt belief that this enduring expression should also carry the touch of sustainability. But there's an extra layer to it -it's about giving a gift that truly fits. A gift that stays in their lives for years, a quality that lasts. In a world full of factory-made things, there's a special charm in items crafted by hand from natural sources, just like ceramics. They've been around for ages, and the reason they still steal hearts is because they're timeless. What's great about ceramics is that they're tough cookies baked at super high temperatures, which makes them super strong to handle everyday bumps, scrapes, stains, and chips—perfect for a housewarming gift option!

Born from the goodness of natural clay and minerals, ceramics steer clear of nasty chemicals and toxins, are inherently recyclable, and can be repurposed, reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy.


Timeless Gifting

 Frost Morning Set by Popup Stone Ceramics


Make your gifting meaningful this season 

We at Lagavi think that one should look for gifts that don't compromise on quality, aesthetics, or value while also being eco-friendly. This not only reveals the thought you've put into choosing the ideal gift but also highlights your concern for the planet's well-being. Our partnerships echo this exact belief, where brands like ARAKU Coffee and Seed Rakhi share our commitment to thoughtful and sustainable gifting that doesn't harm the planet. 


Araku Coffee and Seed Rakhi


Araku Coffee stands out as the world's largest certified organic coffee plantation, nestled in India's Eastern Ghats. It's a place where 100% Arabica coffee flourishes with a unique aroma. These beans are nurtured on ancestral terroirs in the Araku highlands, resulting in a smooth, well-balanced cup with a distinctive flavor. 

The connection of love that Seed Rakhi celebrates is truly unique. Each rakhi is crafted with care and embedded with seeds that, when planted, bloom into beautiful plants. . Choose from our exquisite range of Seed Rakhis online and celebrate the festival in a way that leaves a positive impact on your loved ones.



This gifting season, make your own heartfelt gifts to share happiness curated just for you.

Lagavi Curate your box
At Lagavi, we think the final step in gifting isn't an afterthought; it's a moment of significance. We believe in the power of personalization, to add a heartfelt touch to your gift. Hence, when you infuse your present with a personal touch—whether it's a curated gift box, heartfelt handwritten notes, or versatile gift cards for their own preferences—you're adding that extra element of magic. This added care turns your personalized gift into a channel of feelings, creating bonds that endure beyond the act of giving.
August 24, 2023