A Ware Studio

Namrata Baruah

Introducing Namrata, a solopreneur and the visionary behind A.ware Studio, whose artistic journey emerged from a profound personal transformation. With 16 years of professional experience in the development and financial sectors, Namrata encountered a significant turning point in her life when her business partnership dissolved, leading to a deep emotional and professional breakdown.

Amidst this challenging period, Namrata sought solace and healing. Encouraged by a therapist, she ventured into the world of pottery as a means to cultivate mindfulness and alleviate anxiety and overthinking. Little did she know that this therapeutic activity would become her gateway to a newfound passion and a remarkable artistic pursuit. Moreover, her extroverted nature with a strong entrepreneurial background became the catalyst that drew her closer towards the pursuit of mindfulness via the art of pottery. From there on, she fearlessly took on the role of a one-woman army, single-handedly managing every aspect of her creative venture.

The inspiration behind the brand name A.Ware Studio stems from a clever wordplay with "a-ware," which when decoded, literally means "a- product." However, the deeper essence of the name revolves around intentionality, mindfulness, and being present.

Driven by her love for food and coffee, Namrata's passion amalgamates well with her craft, inspiring her to create functional wares. Recognizing the significance of functionality, her artistic process is a seamless blend of secondary research, dimension understanding, prototyping, and design refinement. Countless hours of honing these techniques and unwavering perseverance have been poured into perfecting her pour-overs and drip free teapots, and her pride in these ceramic creations is well-deserved! Her love for minimalism, muted tones, and an earthy aesthetic, all seamlessly paired with functionality, shines through in every piece she creates.

She aspires to mend the loosely networked and discreet community of potters by fostering a vibrant and enriching collective. Her aim is to bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for pottery, creating a supportive space where they can learn, grow, and collaborate. Namrata strives to create a sense of belonging, shared learning, and mindfulness, touching the lives of both the creators and users. In addition to her artistic experimentation, she holds a deep commitment to sustainability.Her aim is to incorporate the highest sustainable practices possible at every step of the creative process.

Namrata is admirably on her way to leaving an indelible mark on the world of pottery, embodying the transformative power of art and the pursuit of excellence.


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