BeatRoot Co.

Shreelekha Lakshmipathy

“We’re not just designing a product, we’re designing an entire ecosystem.”

~ BeatRoot

With her background in product design and architecture, Shreelekha creates unique and handmade designs that defy conventional categories. For her, minimalism is not a mere design choice; it is a profound philosophy that permeates every aspect of her existence. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity of life itself, she reimagines everyday objects as powerful tools for self-expression. 

Shreelekha's designs go beyond objects; they are a testament to the spirit of the artisan's touch, evoking a sense of connection and heritage. Born from a deep reverence for her Indian roots, BeatRoot is more than just a brand—it is a celebration of the rich Indian art, culture, and craft. Each product pays homage to traditional Indian artistry, transcending time and bridging the gap between the past, the present, and the future.

With BeatRoot, Shreelekha seeks to bring forth a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between design, art, and our surroundings. Every creation is beautifully  handcrafted, showcasing her impeccable attention to detail and the skillful fusion of form and function. Beyond aesthetics, BeatRoot holds a deeper significance. It serves as a conduit for self-expression, inviting individuals to connect with their emotions, stories, and cultural identities through the pieces they adorn and surround themselves with. BeatRoot creations become powerful tools for personal narrative and cultural exploration, allowing individuals to embrace and celebrate their own unique heritage.


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