Box Turtle

Ankita Larai

Driven by a desire to break free from traditional norms, Ankita founded Box Turtle with a mission to challenge the Western influence on dining in India. Fueled by her passion, she infused new life and bold designs into the Indian dining landscape. Each piece in the Box Turtle collection reflects Ankita's innovative spirit and her commitment to bridging the gap between traditional Indian aesthetics and contemporary design. Having pursued her studies at NIFT and the University of Arts London, Ankita's artistic journey has provided her with a solid foundation in design principles and artistic techniques. Her artistic process is an amalgamation of her academic training and her personal artistic vision

The name "Box Turtle" finds its inspiration from the remarkable creature that shares its name. Just like the turtle's exterior, these ceramic pieces appear strong and sturdy, yet they possess a fragile nature within. This duality reflects the inherent nature of ceramic ware, where strength and fragility coexist in perfect balance. Also, the turtle's unhurried pace became a symbol of patience and mindfulness in the creative journey of Box Turtle.

The team seeks to understand the needs and pain points of users, sparking a creative journey to develop innovative designs that seamlessly address these challenges. Functionality and utility are paramount, serving as the foundation of each product. Therefore, each product is thoughtfully crafted to reflect the brand's commitment to both visual allure and usability. In essence, Box Turtle's deliberate choice of muted colours in opposition to their bold and contemporary designs reflects a thoughtful and purposeful approach. It ensures that their ceramic ware serves as the perfect canvas for culinary artistry, allowing the food to become the star of the dining experience.

Fun fact, Box Turtle has extended their creative vision to include pet-friendly ceramic ware as well. With their pet-friendly ceramic ware, your furry companions can join in the dining experience in true style. Because why should humans have all the fun?

By introducing bolder designs and daring colour palettes, Ankita aims to spark conversations and ignite a sense of curiosity in the minds of individuals. She hopes that her creations will inspire people to break free from conventional choices and embrace the beauty and artistry of ceramicware


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