Button Curry

Roshni Merchant and Pritpal Singh

Roshni Merchant, a talented graphic designer and illustrator/watercolourist, joined forces with Pritpal Singh, a multi-talented sculptor, illustrator, and designer, to share their shared passion for art. As dreamers, artists, and romantics at heart, they strived to break free from the digital chaos of today's world and fostered a genuine appreciation for the tangible. With their design and manufacturing studio nestled in the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, Roshni and Pritpal pour their heart and soul into each creation, personally handcrafting every piece. With a strong emphasis on functional lifestyle objects and mindful living, they are dedicated to curating high-quality, thoughtfully designed products through their brand named Button Curry.

The overall approach of Button Curry as a brand goes beyond the physical aspect of a product and seeks to create a holistic experience. They want their products to resonate with people on an emotional level, enhance their surroundings, and leave a lasting impression in their memories. Roshni and Pritpal’s vision for Button Curry, influenced by their experiences launching just before the COVID-19 pandemic, centres around the importance of home as a sanctuary and a place for meaningful connections.

By combining the focus on home, the exploration of materials, and the aspiration for global expansion, they aim to create a brand that resonates with individuals who seek meaningful connections, appreciate simplicity, and value the sanctity of their homes. Roshni and Pritpal's advice to people who are starting out is to question and verify everything they do. This advice reflects the importance of critical thinking, curiosity, and a willingness to challenge assumptions


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