Raji Devta

Raji's artistic journey began with her studies in product design, where she discovered a deep-rooted passion for hands-on craft and an unwavering fascination with ceramics.

Immersing herself in the realm of ceramics, Raji delved deep into the architectural installations of this versatile material. Seeking to expand her knowledge and refine her craft, she embarked on a transformative experience at Golden Bridge Pottery, the oldest studio pottery setup in India, nestled in the enchanting town of Pondicherry. It was here that she not only learned the ancient art of making clay but also discovered her love for the design process. Raji found solace in the exhilarating stages of ideation, exploring diverse forms, and, above all, emphasizing functionality in her creations. The material itself spoke to her, evoking various moods and demanding new technical approaches with each passing season.

Raji's love for ceramics grew as she became captivated by the material itself and the emotions it evoked. She recognized that ceramics required a unique approach for each season and mood, leading her to continually explore new technical methods. With a clear vision in mind to combine design and craft, Raji established her own venture called Clayventures. Her products are a true reflection of her passion and inspiration derived from the sea and its waves. Being an avid scuba diver and a lover of the ocean, Raji sought to infuse her creations with the natural essence of the sea. The names of her creations are carefully chosen from local oceanic terms, symbolizing the harmonious blend of art, nature, and culture. Every item from Clayventures serves as an embodiment of the sea's natural feel, capturing its essence and inviting people to embrace the soothing presence of the ocean and nature in their daily lives.


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