Studio Kolus

Meghana Kolukula

From her earliest memories, Meghana Kolukula's artistic spirit has been intricately woven into her creative pursuits. As an MBA student in business management, she has skillfully combined her passion for art and craft with her astute knowledge of marketing. This amalgamation birthed Studio Kolus,  an online handcrafted and home decor studio.

Meghana's deep understanding of market dynamics, coupled with her artistic talents, has enabled her to create a brand that resonates with individuals seeking unique and exquisite pieces for their homes. Her gateway into the world of creativity was through ceramics, where she discovered the boundless possibilities of transforming raw materials into breathtaking work of art. Thus, Studio Kolus emerged, with the name "Kolus" drawing inspiration from Meghana's own surname, Kolukula, symbolizing her personal connection to every creation.

Drawing inspiration from abstract art, Studio Kolus weaves minimalist and functional aesthetics into every design. With functionality at its core, each piece reflects a perfect harmony between beauty and utility. By infusing a modern twist into Bohemian decor, Meghana adds a touch of contemporary elegance to global trends.

Driven by a belief that the more happiness we create for our customers, the more love their homes will create for us, Meghana seamlessly blends artistry and functionality to unveil a collection of handcrafted treasures.


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