Aanchal Goel

Aanchal's passion for art was discovered at a young age, and she nurtured it as she grew older. She began her artistic journey by enrolling in the School of Design, specializing in furniture design. While working at a prestigious firm, she immersed herself in the world of graphic design, expanding her artistic journey even further.

Aanchal's design philosophy is centered around the element of surprise. She takes delight in crafting objects that defy expectations, constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional design.

Every design process begins with the prerequisite that she has never encountered what she is about to create. This approach ensures that Objectry's creations are truly unique and unconventional.

Embracing the essence of subtlety, she believes that true beauty lies in minimalism and the natural essence of materials. Aanchal firmly believes that the mind becomes more alive when surrounded by muted and subtle spaces. This belief is hand crafted in each product, reflecting the subtleness that seamlessly integrates into any space.

Through Objectry, Aanchal aims to convey a powerful message - the profound value of rawness. Being someone who appreciates tactile experiences, she deeply values the inherent nature of ceramics. With Objectry, she strives to share this tactile experience with others, inviting them to engage with and appreciate the rawness and texture that ceramics embody. Aanchal believes that touching something raw fosters a deep respect and connection with it.


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