Olee Maatee

Bharati Pitre

Marking the beginning of a unique initiative, Bharati Pitre, an artist, and sculptor, along with her son Varun Pitre, brings the beauty of the Konkan region to you through skillfully handcrafted pieces made in ceramics, paper-mâché́, locally sourced terracotta, and bamboo. The Pune-based artist and observer, Bharati is inspired by the world around and this translates into her meaningful creative venture. She calls herself “more of a craftsperson than a commercial artist.”

Pitre Foundation founded CREDAR (Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship, Development, and Research) and DeCAD (Devrukh College of Art and Design) to empower artisans and educate them in fine arts. “Olee Maatee means wet soil, something that the Konkan region and its artisans are famous for,” says Bharati. 

Olee Maatee (Oh-LEE Mah-TEE), started as an initiative by CREDAR, and after hosting the first exhibition in Mumbai, their products embraced a warm welcome, which motivated them to put out their unique creations for everyone to enjoy. This multi-medium production studio creates ethically handmade products - inspired by and based in the biodiverse and culturally rich Konkan region. 

Olee Maatee is more than just a creative studio, “It is a platform to cultivate creativity and sustainable employment, without forsaking homes and traditions.” The team consists of artisans (alumni of DeCAD) who are dexterous and proficient in hand skills. Empowering artisans by training them to commercialize their skills and experiment with imagination, DeCAD has helped them achieve stability and hone/explore their craft further.

Connecting life in the bustling cities to the charming aura of Indian aesthetics, their delightful creations transform the everyday into something vivacious. With a homegrown sentiment and flavor, the artistic vision is often born out of the simple joys of life, in their words. “Fusing the global contemporary with nature’s beauty and organic forms, we make art you instantly fall in love with. When your eyes see that lovely pop of color and a quintessential Olee Maatee aesthetic, you will surely smile!” Collections like 'Sahyadri Hues' are a tribute to the forest, rivers, and skies of the Konkan region, and  'Van Gogh Edit' takes inspiration from his swirls of rich blue skies and almond blossoms. 

Spearheading design initiatives and mentoring the artists to nourish their talent, glimpses of Bharati’s aesthetic are seen in each handcrafted beauty. All products are designed, developed, produced, and handcrafted in-house, promising to illuminate your home with its vibrant presence and soul.


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