Popup Stone Ceramics

Neha Jainabadkar

What began as a spontaneous decision to attend an impromptu pottery class in Canada soon kindled ‘love at first sight" within Neha- the prime mover behind Popup Stone Ceramics. After coming back to India, she initially envisioned opening her own pottery studio; however, fate had other plans in store. The outbreak of the global pandemic, COVID-19, brought the world to a standstill, forcing Neha to put her dreams on hold. Undeterred, Neha began honing her skills, experimenting with different techniques, and creating her own unique set of products.

The name "Popup Stone" is a reflection of the stunning stoneware clay and the abundant use of eye-catching color palettes in her creations. Neha's creative journey begins with proper prototyping, where she meticulously sketches and conceptualizes ideas. From there, she moves on to moulding and sampling, carefully refining the form and structure of each piece. Throughout this creative process, Neha receives invaluable support from her husband and another trusted team partner, who shares her passion for running the studio.

What sets Popup Stone Ceramic’s products apart is their commitment to customization, ensuring that each piece is tailored to the individual's preferences and desires. Also, Neha recognizes that pricing can sometimes be a barrier for individuals who appreciate and desire her unique creations. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own a piece of her art, regardless of their budget or whether they are waiting for their payday. By cutting costs through in-house clay and glaze production, she can offer more competitive prices, making her products more accessible to a wider range of customers.

As a seasoned potter, Neha encourages aspiring artists entering the ceramics industry to have patience and stay true to their authenticity. She firmly believes that the key to success lies in being unique and genuine in one's artistic expression.


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