Studio Ayra

Ayushi Rastogi

With a deep desire to explore the artistic possibilities of pottery, Ayushi took a bold leap from being a product designer in the corporate sector to pursue her true calling. Fueled by a longing to create something tangible and rooted in organic beauty, she commenced a soul-searching break to delve deeper into her artistic aspirations.

During this transformative period, Ayushi immersed herself in spirituality and the exploration of life's deeper meanings. It was during this soulful exploration that she discovered her love for pottery. It all began one serendipitous day when she decided to make a small pot for herself. This seemingly simple act ignited a spark within her, fueling her passion for the art of pottery. With no prior knowledge of techniques or formal training, Ayushi fearlessly explored the art of pottery and founded “Studio Ayra”, allowing her innate creativity to flourish without the constraints of rules or mentors.

With a deep sense of responsibility, Ayushi strives to bring awareness to the significance of everyday vessels, especially mugs and bowls. She understands that the vessels we use to hold our nourishment and beverages have the power to change our lifestyle. Therefore, she meticulously pours the balance of shape, weight, and aesthetic appeal into the creation of these everyday essential vessels.

The raw textures, colors, and shapes found in nature serve as a constant muse for her creative process. In addition to nature's influence, she finds great inspiration in the tradition of Japanese pottery as well, for its emphasis on the rawness of material and organic finish resonates deeply with her artistic vision. Ayushi’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond her artistic process. She embraces a vegan approach in her choice of materials,ensures that her packaging is 100% sustainable, minimizes waste, and strives to leave a positive ecological footprint.

Through her artistic journey, Ayushi has discovered a profound sense of contentment and fulfillment. She recognizes that her creative expression in pottery allows her to transcend being merely a byproduct of the corporate world.

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