Studio Vida

Vidhi Dedhia

“I just look at things around me to turn my vision into ceramics and find the most challenging way to do it. That’s my drive and inspiration!”

A student of Commercial Art and then a professional working in Advertising and Design, Vidhi stepped into the world of pottery with a few workshops here and a little hand-building there. Renting out her very first space during lockdown, she started practicing on the weekends, which soon proved to be not enough and she ventured full-time into ceramics.

Ceramics for the youngsters to be attracted to this traditional craft, her Pop Art pieces have vibrant colors, minute detailing, and a sense of humor. Quirky, fun, and derived from her name, she started Vida Ceramics where every piece is handcrafted, with meticulous attention to detail, where no two items are alike.

Her studio was envisioned as a haven of happiness, that embraces everyone with a sense of safety and warmth, making it a place you wouldn't want to depart from. “My goal is to infuse joy into the lives touched by my creations, eliciting smiles, aspiring for every purchase to bring that contagious happiness”, says Vidhi. To her, Pottery is a unique 3D medium to bring out that creative side. It is an art form that involves all your senses, requires complete concentration and no external powers can distract you. Also what attracts her is Paper as a material. “It intrigues me a lot and I have tried to incorporate it in my pottery.”

Motivated by evolving eras of design, she is a maximalist who loves to work with her hands, be it intricate detailing or pieces bursting with fun and individualistic charm. “My guiding principle is the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring each piece not only looks good but also serves its purpose effortlessly.” Well, it can be safely concluded that her ceramic wonders are a reflection of her own vibrant and radiant personality, giggling away at the beauty of the world!


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