The Orby House

Shanu Agrawal, Pranjali V., and Snigdha Singh

Introducing Shanu Agrawal, Pranjali V., and Snigdha Singh- The makers behind The Orby House. Their journey began during the challenging days of the pandemic when the world seemed to stand still. As life slowed down, their spirits soared, with a deep passion for art that connected them in a profound way. Little did they know that from the depths of their conversations, a dream was about to take shape.

Shanu, with her gentle demeanor and an eye for intricate details, had always been captivated by the transformative power of art. Pranjali, a soulful dreamer with an innate sense of aesthetics, could see beauty in even the most unconventional forms. Snigdha, a spirited explorer of artistic boundaries, sought to challenge norms and bring forth unique narratives through her creations. Together, these three kindred spirits found solace and inspiration in their shared love for art.

With a focus on innovation, minimalism, and asymmetry, they set out to create art pieces that would spark emotions, provoke thought, and inspire a sense of wonder. The founders drew inspiration from the golden era of Art Nouveau, a time of artistic revolution and free-spirited exploration. They marveled at the organic lines and fluid forms that characterized this period, and it became the foundation upon which The Orby House would stand. It was from this wellspring of creativity that they sought to craft their own unique expressions, fusing traditional sculpting techniques with a modern twist. With each creation, they poured their hearts into capturing the essence of the human experience and the beauty found within imperfections.


From The Makers