Twelve Pottery Studio

Vedika Agrawal

A passionate marketer with a story that took an unexpected turn when she embarked on a journey that would forever change her life. Driven by a deep curiosity for art and a desire to reconnect with her creative roots, Vedika set out on an adventure to a small village brimming with rich cultural heritage. Little did she know that this expedition would become a turning point in her life,and where the simple act of molding clay would forever transform her path, her purpose, and her very being.

The name “Twelve Pottery Studio” itself carries a deeper significance, as Vedika draws inspiration from the pivotal moments in her life. Vedika's birth date, the 12th, and the co-incidence to open her pottery studio on a fateful day - the 12th again. Every detail fell into place, as if the universe conspired to support her aspirations. And then, Vedika discovered that 12 minutes held a particular significance in the world of pottery as well; it was the ideal time for the cast to dry. The synergy between her birth date, the opening day of the studio, and the optimal drying time in pottery created a profound connection that became the deciding factor in naming her brand.

In the colorful tapestry of Twelve Pottery Studio, symmetry takes a backseat. Vedika's deliberate choice to embrace the imperfect and celebrate uniqueness breathes life into each creation. No product is a mere replica of another; instead, they bloom as individual works of art. Each of Vedika's works is a medium for self-expression, femininity, empowerment, and the celebration of diverse moods and emotions that make us beautifully human.

While plans are underway to establish an enchanting offline store in the near future, the studio's online presence has been thriving, and she also aspires to expand her workshop offerings.

Vedika has discovered that pottery is not just a craft; it is a transformative journey that instills patience, cultivates a sense of calm, nurtures fearlessness, and equips her with the tools to navigate life's uncertainties.Through the transformative power of pottery, Vedika's journey becomes more than just an artistic pursuit, but a means of personal growth and self-discovery.


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