Ware Innovations


“I believe that every human being has the right to be surrounded by beautiful objects and experiences that add meaning to/enhance their life.”

Listed in Forbes 30Under30, Yogita Agrawal has created a niche for herself as a Product Designer & Entrepreneur. As an industrial designer from Parsons School of Design New York, she moved back to Mumbai with a passion for starting her very own design studio, that explores different materials with a very hands-on approach.

Calling herself a “pretty average chef”, she admits to liking, cooking simple food. But the priority has always been plating and presentation. “I think the best meals are the ones we eat with joy. So I wanted to design plates that make simple food look good and bring a smile to your face when you’re about to eat it.” And this is how she entered the world of ceramics.

Founded in 2016, Ware Innovations handcrafts ceramics that blend sculptural art with functional utility, with special emphasis on the process of ‘making’. The process begins by sketching out an idea and then creating a prototype using 3D software or farm materials, paper, or any hands-on technique to make a simple model, all the while editing and modifying the vision till it reaches the best version of itself. We then create a master and then cast it into a plaster mold. We use the process of slip casting instead of a potter’s wheel to create our ceramic products.

Why handmade? Yogita prefers handmade over machine-made as it gives control over the design process, leaving room for change, with a faster turnaround in terms of execution. A tableware brand that specializes in handmade, ceramic, and marble tabletop products for homes and restaurants, Ware Innovation has transformed the way food is presented with its unique, modern, and minimalist sculptural designs. #WareLove led her to design pieces in such a way that they highlight the food served on them. These wares can be found at many top restaurants across the country such as Bayroute Sequel, CinCin, and more.

“At Ware Innovations, we consciously design tangible and intangible objects backed by awareness of human and environmental needs.” The dream to turn ideas and imaginations into tangible product innovations has now come to life with Yogita’s meet-challenges-head-on approach. “The best way to get over a creative block is to just get started”, she simply states!


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