How to make a party memorable? How to establish yourself as a classy and innovative host? Hosting gatherings and parties is an art that is often considered expensive, elaborate, and oh-so-difficult. But here’s where creativity steps in. You can make it super quick, accessible, and oh-so-fun for you!

Knowing tips, tricks, and hacks to ace the art of hosting is all it takes to serve like a pro. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, or any surprise party you throw, it all comes down to making it immersive, unforgettable, and a safe sanctuary where all your loved ones laugh, chat, eat, and drink (and trust us, they will love you more for making special days so immaculate!)

Let’s jump into the details - Today we talk about the star of your serving game that will introduce an edge to your party, turn it into an experience, and help people indulge in something that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also delicious for the tastebuds. But first, let's address a distinction and understand the meaning of what we are exploring-


Charcuterie (pronounced: shar-KOO-ter-ee) is a branch of French cuisine devoted to prepared meat products (basically, a fancy word for cured meat). A Charcuterie Board is a wooden board where these meats are arranged with a 3-3-3-3 Principle, i.e. three kinds of cheese, three types of meat, three starches (crackers, crostinis, breads, etc), and three seasoning or dips.

Cheese Board or Cheese Platter, on the other hand, displays a selection of cheeses that can be served as a course of a meal.

Celebrating the finer moments of life, both these ideas can be combined (according to your preference of veg or non-veg) to create appetizer spreads for your table to be snacked on or to be savored with drinks. From a wine night with friends to a formal dinner setting, a grazing platter (assortment of foods) can bring a delightful touch to your dining experience. But who needs wooden boards when you have artisanal ceramicware? Ceramics are versatile, uniquely crafted, and with the right plating, can turn any day into magic. With every sip and bite, immerse in connection and indulgence with these exciting tricks under your sleeve.

No fuss, no hassle, we will show how the simple ceramicware you own can be turned into innovative appetizer/cheese-tasting decor elements-


Wares to use: Platters or even flat plates with an additional dip bowl 


The perfect centerpiece at any party, the idea is to make sections and then club all the bites together. Eg: A section of cheeses, a section of crackers/breadsticks, a section of bread, a section of fruits, a section of meats, etc. The dip bowl helps to bring an extra flavor to the table by adding a zing. Delicious snacking, plated in a beautiful way!


Wares to use: Coasters (Can use any smaller plate/dish as well)


A creative hack to create multiple smaller setups - We have turned our rimmed wooden coasters into mini cheese platters. Perfect to complement your drinks and wine, this looks adorable while being an easy holder for your mini-bites. Nibble while you savor some wine and cheese!


Wares to use: Tumblers or Glasses


Who knew tumblers could also act as serving dishes? Get innovative and place bites on skewers vertically in the tumbler, and use bigger chunks of fruits and cheeses that can be easily fetched. Aren't these the cutest party hacks?

Capture attention and showcase attention to detail, as you stimulate the senses of your guests, as they engage with each other and explore the variety of cheeses, pairings, and flavors. Apart from serving many motives, it also works as a conversation starter, turning your event into a culinary experience their appetite can’t get enough of. Do tell us when you try it. Cheers!

May 09, 2024