Express your unique style in a convenient, affordable, and versatile way. Are you ready to get creative? It’s all about mixing up the ceramicware you already own to create interesting sets based on color, form, texture, or design. Accessible and chic, this trend can help you explore patterns and shapes, detailed elements, and more. It’s all about finding the best match!

Why Mix And Match?

This style is a definite go-to for modern spaces and urban lifestyles. Plus, it's a great way to catch attention as you set your table with flair. The better the table looks, the more your spread will be appreciated! 

A practical approach, this style gives you the perk of flexibility and personalization in your dining experiences. Tailor your tables to suit various events (no big investments are required!) Be it casual gatherings or formal dinners, this trend helps you add ‘your’ touch to the occasion.  

It's easy to conceive at any given point in your space. Use the pieces you have stored in the cabinets, in different colors, forms, and styles, for starters (you can gradually invest in ceramic tableware that suits varied styles). And if you don't want to buy different dinner sets for different occasions, you can just create a style of your own by combining pieces.

How to Mix and Match - A few setups we loved:

Today we will walk you through three sets of handcrafted ceramics, all created by different makers with an entirely varied visual story, inspiration, and design theme behind each piece. Let's go!


To begin with, we feel that a white, beige, or lighter palate is very classic, and is commonly owned. 

So here we have taken a gorgeous minimalist dinner plate as a base and built further on that. As you can see, the dinner plate is defined by a striking blue abstract detail, sweeping across the surface. Now, this blue becomes the popping color that we will explore further.

  • Layer the dinner plate very subtly, with a neutral-hued quarter plate 
  • Top it with a stunning blue bowl 
  • Follow up by adding tumblers and serving bowls in a similar blue-white aesthetic.

Your elegantly put-together setting is ready! All we did here was add one more color to the mix, to make it pop This brings a striking beauty to the table without making the setup too loud.


 Now, if you want a simplistic setup that is unique, timeless, and has an edge, this one’s for you! Explore different textures or shades within the same color family.

What’s interesting? Even if these pieces are monochrome, they are different shades of a single color. This gives a character and depth to the setup, making it intriguing. They also have varied finishes (some have matte and others glossy), and also an innovative play of forms.

  • Take the pick of a single color and start matching everything in the similar palate
  • Try different finishes and varied forms. This also gives you room to play with many colors in the table decor, or you can keep everything in uni-color for a surprising finish.


Care to make it exciting? The Anchor Point here is the Color. Here the palate is Spring-Inspired (Warm Beige - Refreshing Green - Gentle Yellow Contrast)

Bring in three to four colors and introduce patterns, stripes, or something eye-catching. This setup is extremely pleasing, with its mint green, muted beige, and mustard yellow hues, a mix of forms, and a unique element - The striped Quarter Plate! 

  • The design of the base plate can be either basic or experimental (Here, we have taken a flower shaped Dinner Plate)
  • Complementing the neutral-hued base plate is the hero element, the Striped Quarter Plate (You can play with anything from graphics to patterns)
  • Also complementing the base plate is the quirky design of a flower-shaped Serving Bowl
  • Exploring forms, the other two bowls are structured adding a contrasting yellow, whereas the tumbler is organic with a color similar to the Quarter Plate.

Why is Mix and Match trending?

The trend of mixing and matching is only going to get bigger! People, these days are keen to explore their creative side and express their individuality in all aspects of their lives. 

Homes have never been more of a sanctuary from the busy chaos of the outside world. Hence, every meal has become an occasion where people (families and friends) connect. Homes are done in ways that resonate with the people living within, also acting as a welcoming retreat for loved ones. Even hospitality spaces work on a similar sentiment, where they have become this oasis for people to reconnect.

Mixing and Matching provides an easy and fun way to express oneself or create a vibe. You can easily dictate the mood of a meal by the setup you create. So prepare to foster conversations and create memorable moments around the table, as you host meals that make people feel something deep within as they celebrate the little joys of life!

Bonus Tips: 

  • Anchor your table setting with a color scheme that runs through your linens and centerpieces. 
  • Opt for light and bright tones during the daytime to infuse your gathering with a fresh and inviting atmosphere. 
  • As the evening unfolds, embrace the allure of dark and moody hues for an added sophistication.
April 16, 2024