Add a touch of ceramic magic! Ceramics are not just aesthetically pleasing, durable, and unique, but also extremely versatile. Every piece is handcrafted with love to narrate a story and reflect an individualistic taste. Ceramic tableware elevates decor and dining in a splendid, and convenient way. It’s all about the art of styling and curating the perfect setup for the right occasion and space. 

Let’s turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by adding a few of our pieces and transforming the aura of some common settings into something special. Are you ready to get, set, style?



The place that houses your creative imaginations and bouts of productivity calls for ceramic ware that represents the same! 

Hence, hoard the quirky, colorful, and creative mugs for the caffeine dose that everyone needs to stay awake and awesome. Trust us, when the mugs are so good, the coffee immediately tastes better (wink)


Brunching Out in the Outdoors:

Enough of scrolling through those aesthetic brunch videos underneath the green canopy of the outdoors. Let’s make it happen amidst your garden or an outdoorsy park!

Nothing feels more refreshing than dining amidst the greens and when loved ones get together for a meal with fresh breeze blowing, the conversations will only get happier. So, make your moments precious by introducing nature-inspired and earthy-hued tableware with organic textures and natural designs. Feel one with nature as you dine under the clear blue sky!


Serve the Impressive High Tea:

Tea time is the most ancient, indulgent, and serene way of spending quality time with yourself or your loved ones. One of the classiest yet subtle ways of catching up over the years is to call friends over for a steaming sip!

As guests arrive at the doorstep, decorate your tray/tray table/coffee table with beautifully crafted tea sets and serving platters. Let the relaxing chatter begin as you pour the hot tea from the teapot into saucers or tumblers of preference and serve some savories/snacks on a functional yet chic platter (in this case, a multi-sectioned one!!!)


Farmhouse Fiesta:

Take a break from the mundane and call a gathering over at the Farmhouse! We believe there is nothing more amazing than having a holiday home or a farmhouse for some quiet moments away. A home away from home that feels like a holiday sounds like a perfect retreat!

But what sounds even more perfect is a nicely set table for you, your family, and for your friends to come over for some joyous feasting. Complementing the calmness that people seek in these spaces, we have curated tableware that instantly creates an aura of peace around the dining setup. Some easy strokes, abstract designs, and blissful blues make sure that the vibe is all chill at the table. Calling the skies and the seas for a grateful time!


Wine & Dine in Style:

Dinner parties never go out of style, importance, or necessity! Hosting is an art - It takes precision, effort, love, and a lot of careful styling. Surprising your guests is by far our favorite. So, stop serving with the same materials, the same crockery, and the same aesthetic over and over again. Do something that stands out!

These unique ceramic tableware pieces are sure to be a conversation starter. With gold-plated detailing, abstract brush strokes, and unique forms, they promise to leave your guests in awe. So light a candle, place the flowers, and serve a dinner party with a dinner set that etches beauty and grace to their memory.


Shoutout to the Pet Lovers:

Are you a lover of the fur babies? Does your heart skip a beat when you meet a fellow animal lover? Are you a pet parent? If the answer to all these questions is “yessss!”, then, this is a bonus curation for you!

For pet parents, here’s our pick: eccentric ceramic bowls that give them a happy and healthy meal. Why healthy? Well, ceramics don't contain any harmful chemicals or metals that can leach into food or water. They also are easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria, making them super friendly for your furry babies!

But wait, we have something for you animal lovers too! Unveiling mugs for pet lovers - Here’s introducing our Peek-a-Boo mug collection that has a little surprise inside every mug. As you keep sipping your beverage, a small animal figurine will reveal itself to smile at you from the bottom. Now, isn't that adorable!


These are some celebratory times that we created for you. Picking the right ceramic ware and styling them perfectly is an adventure you can keep exploring. We delved into this world and now we literally can’t stop! 

There are so many fascinating combinations and so much playing around possible - Just pick the pieces that speak to your heart and keep arranging them in the best way you can visualize. Bring the best of both worlds - handcrafted ceramics and your unique decor ideas, together. Happy to help!

January 18, 2024