First impressions are lasting, which also holds true for your table! What according to you comprises a good meal? For us, it’s flavors, aromas, and most importantly, presentation! And here’s where a well-set table comes in.

A table is an oasis to revel in warmth, and togetherness and step away from the hectic pace of life. From intimate mac and cheese dinners with your family to an elaborate dinner hosted for your friends, your table is a testament to the love and affection you hold as you showcase all your efforts to put together a thoughtful feast.

Setting a tone for the event to follow, the right place setting has played a significant role since Biblical times. In modern times, fast-paced life has turned these basic rules into quick hacks and party tricks. Hence, formal table settings are now indeed an art form very few excel in. Well, it can be as daunting as choosing the right tableware if you dig too deep into it. But we can sure ace the basics of it. So, let’s begin to impress your guests.

Thumb rule: The right place setting is not just aesthetic but also functional - So, Utensils are placed in the order of usage, i.e. from the outside in.


We lay the Linen. Remember, no creases! This is the canvas on which the theatre of flavours, decorations, and fragrances will be enacted. So be mindful of the colours and patterns you pick!


At the center of the placemat, you either place the charging plate (a decorative plate to act as a base) or start with an exquisite Dinner Plate right away.


Layer it with a Quarter Plate to serve salads, desserts, or appetizers of your choice. Keeping the plates separate also keeps the feast neat and convenient.


Follow that with a Bowl on top (for soups and more). All stacked up, the layers add a refined definition and keep the setting tidy without cluttering.


Napkins to the left! Here, you can go all out with varied folding techniques. You can also tie your napkins, add little flowers to them, or tuck nametags for a personalized touch.


Place your Forks on the napkins or just beside it. Easy to pick and dive in!


The Knife & Spoon are placed to the right making it handy to cut through the flavours. The blade of the knife should be facing the left though. And remember, if there is a dessert spoon involved, it goes on the top.


Finally, we place the water Tumbler at a 1 o’clock position on the top right and a Beverage Glass next to it.


Now that the basic setting is done, the decorations are left to your creativity. Add flowers, candles, and decor items as you will, to fill the table with grace and beauty. Attention to detail, symmetry, and balance are key principles in mastering table setting. Additionally, the personal touches of the host sprinkles the extra magic that can elevate the setting, making it unique.

Bookmark this page for the next meal you host as we've included a diagram to make things simpler. Visualize your crockery and make it one amazing breakfast, luncheon, or dinner for your family and guests. Not a host to take lightly, the message will be loud and clear - We take our meals and times together very seriously!

January 29, 2024