What makes a house - Home? We believe it’s the stories they tell.

Raunak and Akshita were on the brink of creating their very own safe haven - their home. But beginning on this fun adventure, they met with multiple challenges. It was not only about how to decide on a color palate or how would the aesthetics complement each other. It was also about acing the little details. What were they planning to bring to the table?

As more and more people came together post-COVID, meal times saw a resurgence. Families were brought together under one roof as loved ones gathered around the table. Retreating back into homes, people started finding ways to make their spaces cozier and their meals more inviting to host friends and family. With too many options cluttering their mind, they decided to build up on a trusted platform that would bring a choice of global designs, makers, hues, and textures accessible, all under one roof to cater to all occasions and preferences.

Their curiosity, thirst for inspiration, and dire requirement for a one-stop resolution led them to Paris. On a cool breezy French morning, they set out in the croissant-scented streets of Paris, unaware that they would chance upon their true calling!

Own home, after covid safe space create a home, went to event for inspiration, after realization, story behind pieces and makers.

Akshita and Raunak had always felt pulled to all things beautiful, and this curiosity led them to the Maison et Objet, one of the world’s leading trade fairs in design and homeware. The creative conversation between the world’s decor, design, and lifestyle community, became their never-ending source of inspiration. And despite having no background in the arena, they decided to take a leap of faith.

Lagavi was founded in Jaipur, India in the year 2022. A global digital platform that connects design-led and quality-obsessed makers from across the globe with their buyers, the name has two derivations. ‘Lagav’ stood for a connection between hearts and the ‘i’ referred to community-building.

“Each handpicked home decor object tells a story, through its distinct geography, process, mixed cultures, and a strong emotion that connects us all. With a healthy and transparent ecosystem, we celebrate the people and the design outcome.” -    Akshita and Raunak

The vision was to make good design available and accessible, as people deserved a platform to get quality and quantity under one roof. A one-stop solution for homeware, they decided to bring the world to the table(literally!), one ware at a time! Every piece has a story to tell, that transcends geographical boundaries. Be it the techniques involved or the cultural influences, each ware is crafted by various makers as a testament to the common emotion that gathers us around the table. 

Associating with the skilled hands of many potters and makers, Lagavi now caters to home, hospitality, and office spaces, curating exquisitely handcrafted ceramics that showcase various methods of creativity and inspiration. From sustainable packaging to personalized gifting, the studio and fulfillment center are always buzzing with activity as ideas and coffee brew over meetings, calendars, and strategizing. The team of happy faces behind it are just as aesthetic-obsessed as the Founders themselves.

 Apart from making design reachable, Lagavi also works on building trust as a reliable source for education and ideas. A thought leader in its niche, the brand does not just bring you unique items but also helps you grow, learn, and embrace an elevated lifestyle. Beauty is everywhere, but finding it and using it efficiently is where the magic lies!

From then to now, we have only been overwhelmed by the immense love and support pouring in from our Lagavi family. The community we have built over time means the world to us and we strive to help them enhance their everyday living while enjoying the finer things in life. So gather round the table as we raise a toast to the story we scripted #WithLagav. The story has just begun….


February 14, 2024