Slurp it or Sip it, but the right dishes can only be savored perfectly in the right dish!

Imagine trying to have soup on a plate or serving one little scoop of ice cream in a big salad bowl. Something doesn't sit right when you imagine these scenarios and that’s because it screams wrong and inconvenient plating.

Every tableware is thought out, carved, and designed in a way that makes it suitable to enjoy certain delicacies. And trust me, the rule book can be a bit lengthy. So today, let’s start with ‘bowl’ing over your guests with just the right bowls for the right culinary treat.



Nothing makes us happier than a forkful of Pasta (Spaghetti, Penne, Fusilli, just name it!) But what we hate is the delay in satisfying cravings. That happens exactly when pasta is plated wrong and you can use your spoon, fork, knife, everything and still can’t scoop it up and enjoy it.

That’s why, you should pick your very own Pasta Bowl to serve this Italian treat like it's supposed to be served. Did you know there are four kinds you can pick from?


Shallow Pasta Bowl

  • Allows for better distribution of sauce across the pasta
  • Makes it easier to twirl it with a fork or spoon
  • Prevents sauce from pooling at the bottom 
  • Promotes portion control by visually indicating the appropriate serving size (for the calorie-conscious people out there)


Deep Pasta Bowl

  • A generous serving capacity, as they have ample space to hold a larger quantity of pasta, sauce, and toppings 
  • The deep design helps prevent spilling over the sides when serving pasta with rich sauces or chunky toppings
  • The spacious interior provides ample room for mixing and tossing pasta
  • The higher walls help retain heat, keeping the pasta and sauce warm for longer periods


Pasta Bowl with Wide Rim

  • Carry and move, the wide rim provides a comfortable grip, making it easier to be taken anywhere
  • The wide rim provides ample space for generous portions of sauce without spills
  • The wide rim can even be used as a decorative accent, adding visual interest and personality to the bowl. It can be embellished with patterns, textures, or designs that complement the overall aesthetic of the dish.


Rimless Pasta Bowl

  • The absence of a rim allows for seamless scooping and ensures every last bit of pasta is enjoyed thoroughly
  • Offers a clean and contemporary presentation style, allowing the focus to remain on the food itself
  • Stacks more efficiently than bowls with rims, maximizing storage space in cabinets or on shelves



Toss, mix, and serve refreshing salads in the perfectly sculpted salad bowls. A healthy dose of nourishment, with rejuvenating greens and veggies can be a delight to savor when served right. Choose a bowl that meets your practical needs and enhances your salad preparation and serving experience.


A flat base and curved rim

  • More space to hold your desired amount of salad without crowding
  • It should have enough capacity to comfortably accommodate the number of servings you typically make
  • A sufficient rim height can facilitate the tossing of salad without spillage
Round or oval shapes are traditional choices that allow for an even distribution of dressing and ingredients


Deeper bowls are suitable for layered salads with multiple ingredients, while Shallower bowls are ideal for tossing salads with lighter dressings



Nothing is more comforting than a steaming bowl of ramen. As you indulge in the soup and delicious ingredients, you will not want to miss a drop or a bite of the mouth-watering bowl.

  • The Traditional Ramen Bowl is wide and shallow, allowing the noodles to spread out evenly and toppings to be showcased. The space is large enough to hold noodles, broth, and toppings comfortably without overflowing.
  • However, you can also find Deeper and Narrower bowls, which may offer a different dining experience, keeping it hot for a comparatively longer time.
  • Some ramen bowls feature a Footed Base, elevating the bowl slightly off the table surface, making it look elegant, preventing heat transfer, and providing stability. It also facilitates holding it from the bottom without burning yourself.


So here’s the good news! Next time you go ceramic shopping, you will be armored with the wisdom to buy right. Your spread will look much better and the dishes you cook with so much love will be super easy to enjoy. Also, the variety of ceramics with multiple aesthetics and utility, will add character to your tablescape. And let’s just say, you might be crowned with the title of Star Host!

So let's prepare, picture, and plate the next meal with care and precision, keeping the basics in mind and we promise, you will thank us later. Stay tuned for more secrets from us. Meet us here!

February 22, 2024