Are you the one who is known for the fabulous parties you throw? Your table could be a spectacular vision, your menu an absolute treat, and the vibe picture-perfect. But, how do you ALWAYS stay at the top of your game?

If we have promised to crown you the star host, we shall also help you to keep the title intact. Let’s start with pumping up your dictionary with some absolute must-know words and phrases of hosting and toasting, that you can add to your everyday dining lingo-


Charger Plate

(also known as a service plate or an underplate) 

A large decorative base setting that can be used for the fine dinners you host. 

Basically, this is the canvas on which you place your dinner plate, quarter plate, and so on. With an average size of 13 inches, these plates are primarily decorative but also serve a functional purpose by catching any spills or crumbs that may fall from the dinner plate. Single dish, but multiple reasons to own it!




 (pronounced: dem+ee+tas)

A French term for small coffee mugs and espresso cups, to impress your guests with. 

The term "demitasse" translates to "half cup" or "half portion" in English. These cups are smaller than regular coffee cups and are designed to hold a single serving of espresso. So, next time you host a coffee party, you have a smart word to throw in there!



Aperitifs vs Digestifs 

Aperitifs (uh+peh+ruh+teef) are liqueurs and spirits that stimulate your appetite before eating.

Offering vermouth, sherry, amaro, or even Champagne is actually in good taste to start a party. Once it works out an appetite, start with the appetizers.


Whereas Digestifs  (dai+ges+teef) means what it says! 

These after-dinner drinks aid digestion and act as great sips to end the meal/party. Close your servings with some old-aged whiskey; or sweet liqueurs such as limoncello or Grand Marnier.


Bon appétit! (bohn+app+aytee)

How can we talk about dining/feasting lingo and not bring this up?

A classic French expression wishing others a good meal and enjoyable dining experience, you can incorporate these in your set-up through small chalkboards or simply add style to your hosting by wishing your guests “bon appétit” after serving.


Bev Nap (shortened from beverage napkin)

A small, square, disposable paper napkin used primarily for wiping away spills, condensation, or drips from drinkware. 

Keeping things tidy and neat, also helps your furniture stay mark-free. Usually smaller and thinner than standard napkins, they add more class and convenience than coasters.



Tureen (tyuor+reen)

A large, often decorative, bowl with a lid and handles used for serving soups, or stews.

This fancy pot is explicitly designed for serving food and often comes in various shapes and sizes. They're perfect for keeping soups warm and allowing guests to serve themselves directly from the table.


Charcuterie (shaa-coo-tuh-ree)

The ultimate sensory delight for parties, the Charcuterie is a delicious assortment of cured, smoked, or cooked meats and some tasty extras like cheeses, fruits, nuts, sauces, crackers, breads, and more. 

Picture it as a fancy platter where you pick and choose your favorites. It's a fun way to enjoy different flavors and textures, perfect to pair with varied wines.

(More on this elaborated concept later. Stay tuned)


Place Card

A small card or tag bearing a guest's name, indicating their designated seating arrangement.

Tucked into the napkin, or placed on the plate, these cards segregate the seating arrangement for convenience and also add a personal touch to the parties you host!


Collins Glass

A unique and graceful drinkware, usually 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) high, holding a slightly larger capacity.

Tall, and slender, this glass embraces the art of mixology with an alluring look on any tabletop. The design distinguishes it from other drinking glasses. Its narrow diameter allows a comfortable grip, its tall stature allows a large amount of ice, and its slender form maintains the delightful carbonation of soda water. Thus, it creates a lively fizz that dances on the tongue.


Antipasto Platter (Plural: Antipasti)

An abundant spread of Italian cured meats, cheeses, marinated vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more. 

The ultimate appetizer spread, it's easy on the cook, artfully conceived, and boasts of many diverse, vibrant items to excite people for the meal. Including a broader variety of starter dishes, the small bites help flow the party with bursts of flavor.


The art of hosting and setting the table or simply creating beautiful events takes more than what meets the eye. It is all about creative thinking, exploring aesthetic possibilities, and making the effort to create beautiful events that translate into life’s memorable moments. 

Hence, we never take dining lightly. And when you are well-versed in the technicalities of this art, well, you create magic (all the while, stunning your guests by casually sprinkling some sophisticated phrases that add to the va-va-voom!)


March 08, 2024