Interconnectedness is the fabric where all the different threads of life interact and make meaning in a dynamic world. In simple moments we become aware of the bigger picture, our connections move from the personal to the public, and we knit ourselves into society’s web. Geographical, social, and economic borders facilitate this interdependence and sustain humanity across our hearts. With reliance comes humility and the birth of a bond. Togetherness helps establish an attachment and a flow of emotions, memories, and affection.


Bound by Togetherness


From interacting with a dog on our daily walk to choosing a piece of décor for our homes, we are always directing our lives to be more meaningful via acts of communion. In all that we do, and as we interact with the elements in our space, our bonding and association deepen and create a place of acceptance. We are all connected in one way or another through our experiences and interactions. Attachment to other beings and emotion itself helps us to power through the hardest struggles and come out of them stronger and closer.


Aquarian Odyssey: A Photographic Trip into the Sixties - Don Snyder (1979)


The story behind Lagavi

Lagavi embraces the idea of interconnectedness and chooses the path that upholds it. ‘Lagavi’ is a derivative of two words: “Lagav”, the Hindi word for attachment and “i”, which stands for interconnections. As we move across the river of life, Lagavi wishes to create a space for you to reminisce and reflect on the choices that define you. Akshita and Raunak, our founders, to keep alight the baton of attachment and human interconnectedness, have built Lagavi to connect the community to products that speak their story. With artists from around the world as a part of our fraternity, we ensure that geography does not hamper connections of hearts! “A safe space for the artisan ensures an atmosphere of deeper connection with themselves and their art, and Lagavi aims to be it.”, says Raunak.

As you sit by the balcony, sipping tea and conversing with your friend, the experience you share becomes a lifelong connection. Forming relationships and interacting with others helps in inculcating a feeling of togetherness. Not only does it inculcate empathy, but it also enhances our way of living and adds more meaning to it. As the community becomes an integral part of our life, the beauty of our existence amplifies.

April 11, 2023