The harmony of art and nature is a way to capture moments for posterity. Nature is a space that calms us down and, with its unparalleled beauty, gives food for thought to our imagination. Whether it is the hues of the dawn, the gush of the rivers, or the might of the towering trees, each moment spent in nature captivates us and is a source of inspiration.


Pottery, as an art form, is embedded in our natural environment. As the artisans mold soil and clay, they form a more profound connection with their surroundings. Pottery has always been a beholder of nature’s marvels, as experienced by potters through the use of various techniques or methods of decoration. The Lagavi team brings to you ways in which you can capture bits and pieces of nature around you. After all, the splendor of romanticism isn’t only for verses, is it?


Behold the Spirit


Source: Manpreeth Singh Nishter, The Hindu


We live in and around marvelous pieces of creation whose essence seeps through our work as well. From majestic tigers to chirpy birds, potters have created animal figurines that encapsulate the sheer forces of nature. Manpreeth Singh Nishter, an Indian zero-waste pottery, constantly encapsulates the beauty of nature in his art. Whether aquatic or terrestrial, all kinds of beings find a way to act as inspiration.


Capture the moment


Source: Miss Wondersmith
Like the sweet little flowers garnish our plates of food, potters use the tiny wonders to enhance their creativity. Oftentimes, vases, plaques, and plates have impressions of leaves and flowers. Each piece retains its uniqueness as every print is one-in-all. The shapes and forms have also been used, and pieces include depictions of rocks, shells, trees, and other natural elements. Instead of impressionism, various artists also use representation. Miss Wondersmith, an artist from Idaho, creates products that will leave you questioning what’s real and what isn’t!
It’s Blooming!
Source: Google Arts & Culture


The most graceful of them all are floral motifs. Flora and fauna have been common themes in pottery. Potters have used their expertise to produce stunning interpretations of nature's blooms, from little vases with delicate floral patterns to enormous installations. The image represents a ceramic vessel produced for the Ottoman empire and has floral and vegetal motifs, hallmarks of Iznik pottery.

Source: Thomas The Potter, Goa
Art has been seen as a symbolic harbinger of nature, either through the medium itself or its depictions. Nature reigns over the artistic world as there is always more to offer and enrich others. Whether we curate or observe, it has a wayward spirit that stuns us and allows us to immerse in an experience.
April 11, 2023