As the cycle of the seasons turns another chapter, open the window and gaze outside. Spring has announced its arrival with a somber floral-scented breeze. The leaves are new, the buds are about to burst into blooms, the weather is forgiving, and bees and butterflies are busy - It's Springtime!

Embrace the cool shade and sunkissed days of the King of Seasons. After being cooped up for cozy winter meals, it's time to indulge in the charming beauty of the outdoors. Be it your sunkissed backyard, little balcony, a lush lawn, a garden nearby, or a neighborhood park, set up a meal al fresco, where you can breathe the fresh air, soak up the sunshine, and witness nature unfold in all its glory!


Have a seat at our Spring Table! We celebrated this blooming season with a tablescape - in collaboration with Savana Living - fresh out of spring aesthetics (And we plan to honor the magic of the season throughout the month with varied content - So, follow us on our handles)




Spring is all about awakening the sights, scents, and tastes of the season. After the colder notes of winter, the essence of the spring table is focused on a light, airy, and fresh vibe. Here are the elements we loved:

Wood & Weave: Nothing screams earthy than a touch of rustic wood and cane weave furniture (we incorporated stunning woodwork pieces by Savana Living). If your canvas does not comprise a wooden table, you can try incorporating materials like wicker, bamboo, etc.


Nature-inspired Tableware: Let your tableware narrate the story of spring with its natural palate, organic forms, and unique handcrafted charm. Adding timelessness and panache to our setup is our SPRING COLLECTION (more on this later)


Spring Blossoms: Fresh from the garden, beautiful blooms add a touch of spring to the senses. Fill the air and the aura with the fragrance of flowers and get creative with arrangements. 

From pop of color to pastels, and multiple to wild blossoms, one can create vivid imagery with flowers. You can experiment with differing vases and heights, or add lavenders and thymes, there can be so much exploration around floral arrangements. Decor tip: Tie a flower to your napkins or place them on the plates.


Seasonal Fruits: Bursts of refreshing flavor and vibrant decor, introduce fruit baskets (or even bread baskets with berries and strawberries) to your table. Juicy oranges and lemons cut in half, some graceful grapes or ripe plums can bring your table alive.

Glassware Grace: Talk and toast - Beverages along with conversations flow well in elegant glassware. The play of materials enhances the character of the tablescape. So, complement your ceramics with neat glassware. Decor Tip: Tie ribbons to the stems of the glasses for a beautiful aesthetic.

Candle-lit Romance: Seal the delicate warmth of the table with glowing candles. From jar candles to tapered and floating candles to pillars, candles bring charming finishing touches to the table to express the essence of a season.



A time of fresh beginnings and bountiful harvests bringing more natural produce to the table, Spring represents renewal, rejuvenation, youth, growth, and joy. Celebrating the connection between nature and humans, we are ready to dine in the vibrant outdoors, amidst sweet birdsong.

An ode to friendship, camaraderie, and love inspired by Mother Nature in blossom, we bring to you a fresh edit that helps us appreciate the soothing wonders of nature. With forms and palates that weave a tale of Spring, explore our edit to find artisanal handcrafted tableware that helps you bring the magic of the season to the table!

April 01, 2024