Shivangi Tripathi

Shivangi's path to becoming a pottery artist was paved by her background in interior design. It was during those precious moments of idle time—the moments she simply couldn't sit still—that her fascination with pottery came to fruition. From childhood, she had been drawn to the magic of molding clay into art, and when she finally touched that first lump of clay, the bond was instant and unbreakable.

With every stroke and every spin of the potter's wheel, Shivangi found solace for her ever-working mind. After just a few classes, she knew this was her calling—a passion too powerful to ignore. She took the bold step of leaving her interior design job and got on a journey to Pondicherry to study deeper into the art of pottery, honing her skills at Golden Bridge Pottery. There, she gained a comprehensive understanding of pottery's fundamentals and principles. No sooner, she started her own pottery studio and named it "Mridakaari". In Hindi, "mrida" means "mitti" (earth), and "kaari" signifies "craft. She coined this unique term to encapsulate the very essence of her craft.

Her mantra is simple: break the rules! For her, artistry goes beyond mere technique; it's about infusing pure emotions into her creations. Shivangi's pieces, while designed for practical use, are also proof of her belief that functionality can be beautiful. Each creation carries an emotion, even when not in use. She wants people to not only appreciate their practicality but also feel drawn to use them, feeling the same warmth and love that went into their creation.

One of Shivangi's greatest muses is nature, and the humble leaf scores the highest rank. Its intricate shapes, colors, and irregularities stir her creative spirit. She carries a cloth bag wherever she goes, collecting leaves from the roadside and every corner of nature. These leaves find their way onto her ceramics, leaving behind impressions that capture the essence of the natural world.

What keeps Shivangi driven in her quest for perfect imperfection? It's her passion, her endless joy in shaping clay into her soul's expressions. So much so that her boundless love for clay compels her to take brief breaks, reluctantly, only to return with even more fervor.

To those setting foot on the path of pottery, Shivangi offers pearls of wisdom: have patience, free your mind from constraints, and never be a mere mimic. Draw inspiration from the world around you, but let your heart and hands speak freely, without worrying about the outcome. Create with boundless love and passion, and the clay will respond in kind.

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