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Splattered Nachos Platter

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This unique Nachos Platter makes for a perfect canvas of flavors and colors, with cobalt, blue, brown, and green hues splattered across its surface. As you lay eyes on it, the interplay of colors brings to mind a lush meadow where nature thrives in its full glory. The Splattered Nachos Platter isn't just a culinary creation; it's a celebration of nature's palette and the joys of gastronomy. Beyond its visual appeal, this versatile platter isn't limited to nachos alone—it's perfect for showcasing an array of snacks, intensifying any gathering with its artistic flair and functionality.

Handmade and hand-painted by the maker in their studio.

In the box- 1 Piece


Outer Width- 7.75 inches

Dip bowl width- 2.75 inches

Height- 1.25 inches

Volume- Total- 725 ml Dip bowl- 75 ml

Colour- Sea Blue and White

Details- Variegated glaze

Product Material - Ceramic

Country of Origin- India

The details mentioned are near approximations, meaning that they may slightly vary due to the nature of handmade pottery products.

  • Avoid using abrasive materials to wash.
  • Avoid scraping the object.
  • Clean gently and wipe with a soft dry cloth.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • Avoid long-term direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Dishwasher safe- Yes
  • Microwave safe- Yes
  • Shipping info- Ships within 24 hours.
  • Return eligibility - Returnable - Link to the return process.
  • To record your request, please write to us at within 48 hours of receiving the product(s).
  • The product may have slight variations in color, shape, and size.

Note: Each product is individually crafted and handfinished by the maker. Slight unique variations in color, shape, and size are not defects, they are a natural and beautiful part of the handmade process and should be embraced.

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Shivangi Tripathi


In the world of artistry, there are those who create, and then there are those who infuse life and emotions into their creations. Shivangi Tripathi, the creative force behind Mridkaari, undoubtedly falls into the latter category. Her journey into the realm of pottery, much like her creations, is a story of pure passion, dedication, and the pursuit of the perfect imperfection. In her world of clay, the mundane transforms into the magical, and each piece is a vessel for her deepest emotions.