As we all are welcoming the New Year with joy and excitement, kids are also welcoming the arrival of the New Year with hope and excitement and eagerly waiting for the possibility of receiving a gift. But buying a gift for them is not a big task. The real task is finding a perfect gift for them. The gift has to be trending, fabulous, their favorite and most importantly, an effective learning tool. 

Don't worry! Lagavi brings you a curated list of New Year Gift Ideas For Kids that will surely bring smiles to their faces. From interactive toys to educational gadgets, there is something for every child to enjoy. Let's make gifting a memorable experience for kids this New Year with these thoughtful and fun presents. 

Discover the Best Gifts For Kids

Find the top 20 perfect gifts for kids that will bring smiles and create lasting memories this New Year. Prepare to be surprised as you find the extraordinary list below: - 

1. Stuffed Toys:

Stuffed Toys

Forget the teddy bears; many kids prefer different kinds of stuffed toys like animals, unicorns, smileys, etc. Stuffed toys are like the second mothers of children. These soft and cuddly stuffed toys make perfect companions for kids. These cuddly companions are best to hug, kiss, play, or keep their secrets. These adorable toys provide comfort and make them loyal friends. Stuffed toys can be used as an educational tool in various ways. They can be used to teach children about different animals, as many stuffed toys are designed to look like real animals. It is one of the best new year gifts for kids.

2. Puzzles Gifts for Children

Puzzles Gifts for Children

Engaging your kids with puzzles is entertaining and helps develop problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and analytical thinking. Kids can spend hours assembling pieces because they feel satisfied after completing a beautiful image. It is one of the most common activities that makes them sit for hours. Just FYI, make sure the puzzles are of their favorite characters, quotes, or actors. Please don't choose a complicated puzzle that does have exciting pictures in it. Go for something colorful and bright. 

3. Mini Projector

Mini Projector

Mini Projector is one of the best gifts for kids under 10. You can turn their room into a magical movie theater. Plan a movie date night with your kids and play their favorite movie on it. It is one the best learning tools as they improve their communication skills. If they are learning any language, playing a film in that particular language is a big game changer. You can gather their friends and have a delightful movie night. What is better than spending time with kids with popcorn and snacks in your hands?

4. Dollhouse


Are you thinking of gift ideas for your 5 year old daughter? Then Dollhouse is the apt gift for her. Girls have a special place for dolls as they share a cute bond with them. Dolls are their second mother, best friends, companion, what not! So, gifting a Dollhouse is definitely a special gift idea for a 5 year old daughter. It offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling. Children, mainly the girl's daughter, can create their own little world, decorating and arranging the Dollhouse with furniture, dolls, and accessories, sparking their creativity and enhancing social skills.

5. Instant Camera

Instant Camera

Is your child into photography? Do they get excited when they see a picture or a camera? Do they ask various relevant questions about photography? Then don’t wait and order these creative gifts for kids which are Instant Cameras. Let them capture their special moments instantly with a kid-friendly instant camera. Choose the ones that are one hundred percent safe and kid-friendly. It allows children to document their adventures, friendships, and family gatherings, transforming ordinary moments into cherished memories. Let them explore this instant camera and click pictures to create beautiful memories. You never know; he may be the next celebrity photographer.

6. Play Kitchen

Play Kitchen

This gift never gets old. We have come a long way from those days of playing with a kitchen set, haven't we? Infact, a kitchen set is the best new year gift for kids. It is always exciting for kids to see what their parents are doing. When they see their parents working in the kitchen, they like copying it. They would jump into the kitchen and ask for help. They will help you make the chapatis. So, don't let this excitement get in them. Encourage them with culinary adventures and role-play with a mini kitchen set. Kids can pretend to cook, host tea parties, invite friends, and create delicious imaginary meals, fostering their imagination, creativity, and social skills.

7. Play Tent

Play Tent

Ah, the memories of our childhood days, spent time building forts and tents with pillows. It is another unique gift for kids. Let your kid make memories with a play tent. Create a cozy hideaway for endless imaginative play for them. Whether it's a castle, spaceship, or secret hideout, kids can let their imagination far as they create their own magical world because there are few toys that never get old. There is nothing better than indoor playtime and playing with tents.

8. Building Kit

Building Kit

Building Kit is another trending new year gift for children. Let your kid create a design for a building. It is a great way to improve their cognitive, problem-solving, analytical, and engineering skills. Building kits allow children to design, create, and build structures, whether it is construction blocks, magnetic tiles, or engineering sets. 

9. Assorted Cookies

Assorted Cookies

Do you want to surprise your kid with a present? A box of assorted Cookies is the best present. It is one the best surprise gifts for kids. Treat their taste buds with a delightful assortment of cookies. Whether chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, or cute-shaped treats, these delicious snacks are perfect for indulging in sweet delights and spreading joy during the festive season. Because who doesn't love cookies? When adults aren't can’t resist eating them, we can't expect children to avoid them. Choose an assorted cookie box made with high-quality products. There are healthier cookie boxes available in the market. Please treat them with yummy cookies along with a healthier option.

10. Crayon Set

Crayon Set

Children love playing with colors. Even a little one who can't hold a pen right will battle for it until they have it. Then, they will happily scribble on paper or, if no one is watching, maybe on the wall. So, there is something about colors that attracts them. It gives them a sense of calmness, brings positivity and patience to them. Surprise them with a rainbow of colors that awaits with crayons set. Children can explore their artistic talents, create beautiful drawings, and express their emotions through colorful illustrations. Crayons provide an excellent medium for creativity and self-expression. 

11. Coloring Book

Coloring Book

If you are planning to buy them a crayon set. Pair up with them a coloring book. Coloring books come in various themes, characters, and styles. In a world of colors, it promotes focus, concentration, and relaxation. If you are looking for gift ideas for kids that are not toys, then there is no better gift than a coloring book. Choose a coloring book according to the age of the kid. It is. Don’t think twice and buy a coloring book as it is the best new year gift for a child. Let your kid’s creativity fly to the moon.

12. Miniature Guitar

Miniature Guitar

Miniature Guitar is one of the trending new year gifts. Introduce little ones to the world of music with a pint-sized guitar. We never know it can spark a lifelong passion for them. As they explore this instrument and gain more confidence, they may be inspired to learn new musical instruments. This can open up with a number of opportunities for them to connect in a band. Choose a small size and lightweight design. A miniature guitar is perfect for little hands, inspiring creativity.  

13 Toy Car

Toy Car

Toy cars are classics that never go out of style. From a one-year-old to ten-year-old child, this gift is evergreen. Can't decide on something? Then go for a car; you can never disappoint them with this gift. These thrilling toys allow children to zoom into adventures, create imaginary landscapes and cars, and engage their senses in imaginative play. Moreover, there are various types of car toys available in the market, like remote-controlled cars, model cars, wooden cars, plastic cars, pull-back cars, transforming cars, and the list goes on.  

14. Train Set

Train Set

All kids admire trains. If you live close to a railway station or railway track, kids will always run to watch, no matter what they are up to. This makes it one of the best children's new year gifts and is not just a toy. In fact, a toy train set helps children develop valuable skills like motor skills, creative thinking, vocabulary, teamwork, etc. These toys encourage imaginative play, storytelling, cause-and-effect relationships, and promote problem-solving skills. Learning all these skills early in their childhood helps kids in all aspects of their lives. As they grow, their skills improve, from concentration to managing emotions.

15. Kid-Friendly Tab

Kid-Friendly Tab

Instead of giving your cell phones to them, kid -friendly tabs are the perfect gifts for children. Cell phones have unnecessary information that is unsuitable for children and their growth. They become addicted to it. Hence, educational and entertaining tablets are perfect for learning and playtime. These customizable devices offer various games and apps for children to learn, explore, and have fun, promoting literacy skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development. Decide screen time for them and let them binge watch. 

16. A Pair of Binoculars

If you have noticed that your kid mentions a lot about animals and birds, then don’t even think for a second and buy a pair of Binoculars for them. Let your kid explore the world with a pair of kid-friendly binoculars around them. These simple tools encourage children to observe, discover, and learn about nature, wildlife, and surrounding environments, promoting curiosity and adventure. Want to add a special spark to their gift? Customize the binoculars with their favorite color, cartoon characters, actors, superheroes, etc.

17. Microphone


Does your 5-year-old child dance randomly on any track? Do they start singing randomly their favorite track in front of others? Then a microphone is a beautiful gift for them. Let their inner superstar shine with a fun microphone for singing and karaoke. These toys encourage children to express themselves, develop confidence, and create captivating performances. Another brilliant idea is to invite their friends on their birthday and plan this activity. You would love the vibe of kids singing loudly, laughing, and shouting. We are sure that you will see beautiful smiles on their faces.

18. New Year Gift For Girl Child: Jewelry Set

New Year Gift For Girl Child: Jewelry Set

Are you looking for new year gift ideas for a 6 year girl, don’t look any further! A jewelry Set is the perfect gift for a girl if you catch them playing with your jewelry, pretending to be the mom. Gift them with sparkly accessories for a touch of glamor. From necklaces, bracelets, and rings, these accessories offer fun ways to play dress-up, pretend, and boost self-expression. And guess what? They can create their favorite jewelry pieces and proudly show them off with their outfits by playing.   

19. Best gifts for 5 year old boy: Portable Speaker

Best gifts for 5 year old boy: Portable Speaker

If you are looking for new year gift ideas for children, then portable speakers are one of the best choices for gifting. Pump up the jamming sessions with a portable speaker for on-the-go music. These speakers allow children to share their favorite tunes, dance, and sing along, promoting social skills and entertainment. Plus, they are easy to carry, making them ideal for outdoor adventures and indoor dance parties. Customize it with their favorite colors or with their favorite superhero graphics. We are sure they will love the gift more because you have added an extra spark to their gift. 

20. Set of Books

Set of Books

There are various educational and learning books for children out there. Cultivate a love for reading with diverse books to inspire young minds. From story books to gaming books, it is a pathway to learning, imagination, and adventure, and a set of books in various genres, authors, and subjects can open doors to new worlds and experiences. They can become competent in communication skills. Their writing, reading, and listening skills improve altogether. Also, reading books can open up the little minds and prepare them for life. As books can be read again and again,there is no better gift than buying kids a pair of books. 

Make Memories Last With The Best Gifts For Kids 

Make this new year unforgettable for your kids by selecting gifts that not only entertain but also inspire and educate. These curated New Year Gift Ideas For Kids are bound to create lasting memories and spark creativity in your children. Here is to a year filled with laughter, learning, and endless adventures with these delightful gifts from Lagavi! We all wish you a good one!

April 12, 2024